Client Testimonials

"The Clutter Control Team may have saved my sanity. As a working mom with four (4) kids and a natural tendency to allow clutter to build up , to be clear its cluttered not dirty! Anyway I was under a pile of clutter and I was completely overwhelmed. Linda and the team swept through (literally) and found a place for everything and helped me make decisions (to keep or not to keep) that released me from emotional obligations and the maybes that seem to make things hang around that are just not needed. They took my whole house apart and put it back together and I feel more on top of things than I have in a long time. I love the peace of mind and the feeling of control. I have my house back and a little bit of my sanity restored. Worth every penny!"

Highlands Ranch, CO

"Linda is phenomenal. Her service was a lifesaver when the allergist told me that I could not participate in my downsizing move.  Linda made it all work, organizing for pre-pack and unpack for my new home. I recommend her services without hesitation."

Highlands Ranch, CO 

"We were a bit lost when we had to restructure our staff. Clutter Control came in and not only organized our files and years of paperwork. They also gave us working systems for current staff that lead to us meeting our productivity goal, and ease of finding things. Their professional demeanor and use of care around all types of staff left everyone feeling re-energized and focused.  Clutter Control is more than just a sorting and filing company. They are a quarter part of our proprietary techniques to manage daily tasks for a yearly outcome"

Parker, CO

" I have had the pleasure of working with Linda from Clutter Control on a few occasions. Not only was she fun and energetic, but we also accomplished so much in so little time!! I highly recommend her for exceptionally thorough and professional organizing services!!"

Rebecca P., Castle Pines, CO

"Linda has been a Godsend for me and the family. Since having kids, it has been very difficult to keep up with clutter and not knowing what to keep versus what to give up. Linda has come in with no judgement and helped me clear out and organize everything from our garage, to the kids's rooms, to the pantry, to my office. At this point, she comes monthly and I just ask her to do "her Magic". Linda's ability to literally cut through the clutter to help get your home back on track is a tremendous blessing." 

Castle Rock,CO

"I honestly don't know how a family with two working parents can survive without your skills. The organization that Linda brought to our kitchen has been a phenomenal improvement in our lives. Everything has a place now and it all makes sense. My favorite things Linda did for us are:

  • Kids snacks and dishes are easy for them to get to, and super easy to keep organized (even for a 3 year old)
  • Items that are rarely used are either in tucked away cupboards or in the basement
  • The Coffee Station! Why didn't I think about that before?

What I really like about working with Linda is that she is very careful to get our opinions on what makes sense for us, yet still manages to reduce the amount of clutter and general disorganization. There isn't anything that we decided not to keep that I miss having, and the things that I use most frequently are super easy to get to and return.  I can't wait to have Linda work with us on the rest of our house.  We plan to have Linda as a regular part of our household."

Natalie P. Highlands Ranch, CO

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